2018 Elizabeth Boardmore One Act Play Festival

Thursday, March 22

I know I Love Him
written and directed by Jonathan Lewis
“I know I love Him” is an exploration in the human need for physical and emotional relationships in a world that allows less time to form meaningful bonds with partners as well makes in person social interactions increasingly foreign through the constant use of social media. Set in the not too distant future this play attempts to shine light on the lengths people go to meet romantic needs as well avoid personal emotional harm that stems from failing relationships.

Scab Avenue
Devised by Todd Hiscock
Following a series of interviews with residents of a Whitney Pier neighborhood, Scab Avenue was devised as a piece of Verbatim Theatre – the text is transcribed directly from the interviews. Scab Avenue tells the story of one family’s struggle to understand the polluted and toxic effects of a father’s chemical imbalance.


Friday, March 23

Tell Me Where It Hurts
written and directed by Brittany Fagan-Steele
Sawyer Dodick finds comfort in isolation, with books as his only companions. Blending into the background has been his routine all throughout high school and he figured it would be the rest of his life. When he is forced into interacting with a group of the schools misfits he is perplexed at their boisterous and outgoing attitudes. Never before has he experienced this type of interaction so different yet so alike to those of his beloved book characters. Will he be able to handle the complications and disputes that come with trying to belong? Or will he retreat back to the security and contentment of solitude?


The Time of the Lone Wolf
written by Ronald Labelle
directed by Ken Chisholm
A man arrives in Ottawa for a meeting regarding a translation contract and stays at a bed and breakfast run by a woman engaged in social struggles. As they learn more of each other’s lives, a connection is made: can defences come down on both sides for a more lasting relationship?


Saturday, March 24

written by Paul MacDougall
directed by Mike McPhee
An aging cabbie tries to protect a young runaway, who seeks haven in a downtown pizza shop; but on the longest night of the year trouble just keeps on piling up.

Ferris Wheel
written by Mary Miller
directed by Jule Ann Hardy
Dorie is afraid of heights.  John is afraid to give up smoking. Both are lonely and meet when they must share a seat on a Ferris wheel.  When they become stuck at the top, the two must confront their fears together and an unlikely love and bond forms between the two.

Saturday, March 24, following the evening’s adjudication

Public Discussions, led by Festival Adjudicator Gary Walsh, will be held nightly in the Pit Lounge, following each evening of plays. Festival Achievement Awards and Closing Reception following the adjudication on March 24.

This annual festival is eagerly awaited by CBU students, faculty, and community members. The festival provides new and experienced writers, directors, and actors with an opportunity to showcase their talents, and gives the public a chance to see several quality productions from numerous theatrical styles. Stay tuned for a full schedule of One Act Plays.  Want to apply to the 2017/18 One-Act Festival? You can download the application form here (One Act Application ).

Elizabeth Boardmore One-Act Play Festival

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Youth Theatre Festival April 9 to 15, 2018 (full schedule TBA)

The Youth Theatre Festival is an annual event held at the CBU Boardmore Playhouse. This year, young theatre practitioners from Class Acts Drama School and other community youth drama groups take to the stage and perform in a series of scripted productions. The Festival allows our local theatre community to celebrate the vitality and dedication of our young theatre professionals.