Cape Breton High School Theatre Festival

Friday, May 17

Glace Bay High School

Blueberry Pancakes

Written and Directed by Maxwell Slade

What happens when the life you wish for doesn’t quite turn out to be the way you’d hoped? Is there any going back?

We Leave
Conceived and Created through improvisation by the GBHS Semester II Drama 12 Class

The third production of this class, this collaborative creation examines the lengths that some young people in our community will go, to become free…even if it costs someone else everything.

Saturday, May 18

Highland Academy

Written by Bruce Miller

10 years after almost making it big, the members of a band reunite for a radio interview and reflect upon why they went their separate ways.

Dear Chuck
Written by Jonathan Dorf

Teenagers are typically caught in the middle — they’re not quite adults, but they’re definitely no longer children.  Through a series of scenes and monologues, we meet an eclectic group of teen characters who are trying to communicate with that wannabe special someone, coping with the loss of a classmate, battling controlling parents, swimming for that island of calm in the stormy sea of technology — and more.  What they all have in common is the search for their “Chuck,” that elusive moment of knowing who they are.

Sunday, May 19

Riverview High School

Written by Brittany Fagan-Steele

A car accident has happened involving a group of friends. One of the girls in the vehicle was killed. It is now 6 months later and the group of friends are all dealing with this incident in different ways. They come together to remember their friend and to forgive each other.

Sydney Academy High School

The Worst Word in the World  

Written by Scott Sharplin, in collaboration with the members of the Sydney Academy Drama Group.

The concept of identity is explored through a group of students who interact across the span of an average school day.  Through the interactions of a number of characters, we see how the social constructs of identities  (such as nerd, theatre geek, emo kid, princess, jock, clown, and even teacher) impact how characters see each other and themselves

Workshop Schedule 

Saturday, May 18

9:30am to 12:30pm  & 1:30pm to 4:30pm

Lighting Design – Boardmore Playhouse (morning session only)

Stage Combat – Multiversity Room

Acting – – CC-263

Sunday, May 19

9:30am to 12:30pm & 1:30pm to 4:30pm
Lighting Design – Boardmore Playhouse (morning session only)

Stagecraft – Pit Lounge

Directing –Multiversity Room

Shakespeare – – CC-263

Saturday, May 18

9:30 to 12:30 – Drama 10 – CC – 262

1:30 to 4:30 – Drama 11– CC -262

Sunday, May 19

9:30am to 12:30pm – Drama 12– CC-262





Youth Theatre Festival April 8 to 14, 2019 

The Youth Theatre Festival is an annual event held at the CBU Boardmore Playhouse. This year, young theatre practitioners from Class Acts Drama School and other community youth drama groups take to the stage and perform in a series of scripted productions. The Festival allows our local theatre community to celebrate the vitality and dedication of our young theatre professionals.

CBU Youth Drama Festival 2019

Monday April 8
The Incredible Mysterious Case of the Missing Snow
Creative Drama 1 – Class Acts Drama

Fly Wizard Tournament
Creative Drama 2– Class Acts Drama

Whitney Pier Youth Club Elementary

Tuesday April 9
Play The Hand That’s Dealt
Kostume Kapers Middle School 1

Junie B. Jones Is Not A Crook
Kostume Kapers Middle School 2

Wednesday April 10
Play Redacted
Playwriting – Class Acts Drama

Law & Order: Fairytale Unit
Whitney Pier Memorial

Thursday April 11
Developing Drama Skills 11-14- Class Acts Drama

Stuck In The Middle
Whitney Pier Youth Club Middle and Teen

Friday April 12
Monologues/Duologues  Senior Teens- Class Acts Drama

All Things I Could Never Tell You
Kostume Kapers High School

Saturday April 13
Leroy MacDougall: Boy Detective
Theatre Arts 1 – Class Acts Drama

At The Teeth In Milk
Theatre Arts 2  – Class Acts Drama

Sunday April 14
Festival closing party


The 2019 Elizabeth Boardmore One Act Play Festival

March 7,8,9,10
This annual festival is eagerly awaited by CBU students, faculty, and community members. The festival provides new and experienced writers, directors, and actors with an opportunity to showcase their talents, and gives the public a chance to see several quality productions from numerous theatrical styles.

Thursday, March 7, 7pm
Written by Nicolas Billon
Directed by Scott Sharplin
Winner of the 2013 Governor General’s Award for English-language Drama
There’s a three-letter word that can answer all of your questions and offer solace. It’s a simple thing that means everything. A three-letter word, but it’s not “Dad” and it’s not “God.”
Faroe Islands
Written by Nicolas Billon
Directed by Scott Sharplin
Dara is used to being invisible, but now she’s in front of a crowd, desperately seeking recruits to join the Whale Action Hub. Because whales are people too! And, unlike most people, they won’t let you down when you need them the most…

Skinny Love
Written & directed by Chitsanzo Mkandawire
Skinny love is a song by Bon Iver covered by Birdy. This play is a movement piece that is about fleeting love and a fleeting relationship. Every time we get into a relationship we are aware that we might get hurt and we are aware that there is only so much time together. If we want or not some relationships are messy and that is life. In this play we see how one relationship starts and breaks. It is the story of a couple that is broken. They come together in the best of times with the best of hopes. They create this amazing love that is not perfect but has its charm. As they grow they have issues and grow apart.

Friday, March 8, 7pm
Margaret Neil James MacNeil: A Love Story
Adapted & directed by Ken Jessome from Ronald Caplan’s ‘Women of Courage: 15 Cape Breton Lives’
Among the everyday hardships of rural life in 1950’sCape Breton, a love story grows between Margaret
and Neil James MacNeil, a widower who hires her to look after his children.

Anna Blufarb’s Second World War
Adapted & directed by Ken Jessome from Ronald Caplan’s ‘Women of Courage: 15 Cape Breton Lives’
Anna Blufarb raised her family, with her husband, Rivhard, in North Sydney, where she died in 1999. Anna herself grew up in Tarnopol, Poland, and was a survivor of the Holocaust. She tells her story here.

Rosie in the Shadow of the Melrose
written by Craig Fols
Directed by Jule Ann Hardy
On a train platform in New Jersey, Frances, a talkative girl that lacks subtlety and boundaries, meets a reserved and apprehensive stranger. She tells him her life story while wanting to learn more about him. The pair of misfits share an awkward but honest interaction while waiting for their trains to arrive.

 Saturday, March 9, 2pm
Family Voices
Written by Harold Pinter
Directed by John Lingard
Family Voices takes place in a large English city towards the end of the 20th century. A young man has left home and is staying in a boarding house inhabited by a number of somewhat strange people. He sends letters to his mother who does not seem to receive them.  She sends him letters that he does not seem to receive. His mother and sister come to visit him but are turned away by a man who claims to be a policeman. The play ends with the son’s attempt to return home.

With You: Forever Ago
Written & Directed by Brittany Fagan- Steele
Whenever it likes, the past can come knocking, and taking us places we may not want to go. Such is the case for a young man, (Tristan) as he sits down at his well-worn piano with the ghosts of his past (Stevie and Devon), reliving his ill-fated relationship with Devon in an attempt to reconcile his own emotions and longings.

 Saturday March 9, 7pm
 The Lottery
Adapted by Brainerd Duffield
Directed by Holly Schaller
Things do not always change with the times. This small town is obsessed with tradition – which we see as they prepare for their huge annual community event. Excitement builds as everyone waits to possibly hear their name called at the town lottery.

Written & Directed by Bridget Baldwin
Hannah, a high school student living with her restless sister and grandmother, thinks she is content to spend her life in her family home tending to her grandparents’ garden. A letter changes everything. While her sister applies to job after job and her grandmother struggles to cut down a dying tree, Hannah must decide the course of her life, exploring her understandings of family, memory, and home.

Sunday, March 10, 7pm
Make Me Like You
Written by Breagh MacNeil
Directed by Shealyn Varnes
Two women, the current girlfriend and the ex, find themselves in the same bedroom one night, but here’s the thing… One of them isn’t really there. Make Me Like You touches on topics such as body image, self- esteem and how to be find peace as a woman in the 21st century dating game.

Written by Abhinaya Amrita
Directed by Rony Robson
A thrilling drama, with its unexpected twists and turns. A story that sends chills up your spine. What’s true one minute may not be true in another. Your truth, my truth, and their truth all lay before you… what is the truth? Come let’s discover.

Public Discussions, led by Festival Adjudicator Gary Walsh, will be held in the Pit Lounge following each set of plays. Festival Achievement Awards and Closing Reception following the adjudication on March 10.

Festival Adjudicator, Gary Walsh

Gary Walsh taught Drama and Theatre Arts for over thirty years in Cape Breton. He has appeared in or directed many productions at both The Lyceum and The Boardmore. Most recently he directed  Marat/Sade and acted  in The Pillowman. In 2014, he appeared in CBU’s award winning production of Krapp’s Last Tape at The Liverpool International Theatre Festival.

Box Office & Ticket Information
CBU Playhouse Box Office 563-1652
1:00pm to 5:00pm Monday to Friday and one hour before show time.
The box office will open one week prior to performances and during the week of performances. General Seating for all plays.
$20.00 general $10.00 students and seniors,
One Act Festival Pass – $50 general, $25 student& senior,
Evening shows begin at 7:00pm
Matinees begin at 2:00pm
CBU Boardmore Playhouse

Elizabeth Boardmore One-Act Play Festival

You are perhaps already familiar with the story of how Protocase came to be in 2001. Our co-founders, engineers Doug Milburn and Steve Lilley, were chatting with a fellow engineer who wanted to save time and money by finding one facility that would manufacture a small number of custom electronic enclosures for a project he was doing. When they realized nobody was really interested in this kind of work, they set out to build that business themselves.

Sixteen years later, the company they created is a major Cape Breton success, supplying custom sheet metal enclosures, panels and parts to more than 12,000 designers, scientists and engineers worldwide. Protocase leads the industry by offering custom-manufactured enclosures, parts and panels in 2-3 days, a turnaround time that’s unmatched by any other company. Our customers include NASA, Microsoft, Apple, Tesla Motors, Lockheed Martin, IBM and many more.

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Besides providing meaningful employment to an ever-growing group of Cape Bretoners, Protocase is committed to enriching the community that lies beyond its company’s doors by providing monetary donations and other support to local organizations. To make sure our support actually makes an impact in making the Cape Breton community a better place, Protocase focuses on three key areas: Technology & Innovation; Arts, Culture & Sport; and Youth.

Technology and innovation, as you can imagine, is a very logical fit. Every day, we work with innovators, designers and engineers all over the globe, assisting them as they develop new products that are changing the world, so Protocase takes great pride in giving assistance to students passionate in technology, both locally here in Cape Breton and beyond.

In terms of youth, we love supporting organizations that create safe, vital spaces for young people in Cape Breton to flourish and be active. The youth are the future of our community, and they deserve the chance to grow and develop.

Arts, Culture & Sport as a category of giving for Protocase is awfully broad, but we feel that by keeping it wide in scope, we can support a wide variety of organizations and events that touch many different aspects of arts and culture. The arts and culture scene in Cape Breton is incredibly rich, and does wonders for bringing the community together.

One organization that we are immensely proud to support is the Boardmore Theatre. A local staple in the arts, the Boardmore Theatre presents imaginative, thought-provoking productions each and every year – and the community at large has benefitted immensely from the theatre’s output.

Protocase is proud to once again support the Boardmore Theatre in its 2017-2018 season by sponsoring the Elizabeth Boardmore One-Act Play Festival. Congratulations to everyone involved in the production on your hard work and dedication to the craft of local theatre! Best wishes on another fantastic festival.


Youth Theatre Festival April 8 to 14, 2019 (full schedule TBA)

The Youth Theatre Festival is an annual event held at the CBU Boardmore Playhouse. This year, young theatre practitioners from Class Acts Drama School and other community youth drama groups take to the stage and perform in a series of scripted productions. The Festival allows our local theatre community to celebrate the vitality and dedication of our young theatre professionals.