Theatre Arts at CBU

BACS Applied Theatre Program

In the new Applied Theatre program, students will learn the skills to produce and use theatre in non-traditional theatrical environments, including museum and heritage sites, professional and governmental organizations, schools,  and other community contexts. Graduates of Applied Theatre are artistic entrepreneurs who will be able to identify and address the needs of their local communities through the use of theatrical techniques, and who will possess an understanding of the  realities which shape and support their artistic career intentions. They will be prepared to engage in theatrical production with the aim of  interpreting historical traditions, assisting organizations in developing their human resources, facilitating community and educational dialogue on social issues, enhancing education, and engaging in political advocacy. Graduates will be equally well suited to other career paths related to community building and social justice. 

In this program,  the training will extend beyond what is usually offered in traditional theatre programs to include skills such as theatrical role-playing, improvisation, and collective creation/devising . Students will also develop the professional skills that a successful theatre entrepreneur requires, such as research, group facilitation, project management (including securing and allocating resources), and marketing. In particular, the development of this program within the Bachelor of Arts and Community Studies places emphasis on experiential learning and opportunities to apply university training in students’ communities, which in turn helps students to build a portfolio of projects in aid of their career goals.

Major in English with Specialization in Dramatic Literature

Is your passion for the plays themselves?  Consider our Major in English with a Specialization in Dramatic Literature.  Ideal for future directors, playwrights, dramaturges, and scholars, this English degree lets you earn your BA while gaining a strong grounding in the dramatic tradition.  No English program in Canada offers a wider range of dramatic literature courses than CBU: take in specialized courses on Medieval and Nineteenth Century drama as well as our Drama Survey and traditional courses in Renaissance, Restoration, Modern, and Contemporary Drama.

For this degree you will take seven English courses (42 credits) of which at least four will focus on dramatic literature in different historical periods.  Your studies can inform a theatre career and provide a solid basis for future studies in literature, as well as introducing you to a range of writers whose works are exciting in their own right.  Consider combining this major with a Drama Minor or a Theatre Certificate to add a practical theatre component to your studies.

Minor in Drama

The minor in drama provides another way to take practical courses in theatre and make them part of a BA degree. The minor is flexible: any 18 credits in courses designated DRAM will fulfill the requirements for the minor in drama. You might want to focus on performance by taking acting, voice, or movement courses; or, you might prefer to emphasize off stage work with play writing and stage management.

Whatever courses you choose, you can include drama in your degree, even if your major is in an unrelated subject. Or, you can combine your minor with a major in a complementary discipline like English. You can even major in dramatic literature and minor in drama. And don’t forget, you can apply the DRAM courses that you take towards the certificate in Theatre Arts towards the Drama minor, too. If you’re doing the BACS degree, consider drama for your career-related courses. Considering going on to a B Ed degree? Count your drama courses in your minor as a teachable subject.

Certificate in Theatre Arts

The Certificate in Theatre Arts came about as a logical step in CBU’s long tradition of theatre production. All of the courses associated with the Certificate are accredited and can be applied toward a Bachelor of Arts or another relevant degree at CBU. The program has been designed to serve undergraduate students at CBU, as well as members of the general public – teachers, adult educators, community theatre workers, arts administrators, cultural tourism officers – who want to develop their knowledge of theatre in a university setting.   This program offers courses in Acting, Movement, Voice, Directing, Playwriting, Theatre for Children, Stage Management, and Stage Craft. Students can easily combine Theatre Arts Certificate courses with their BA Degree courses in a three of four year degree program.

Boardmore Theatre

The Boardmore  Playhouse is a 337 seat venue which is the centre for the performing arts at the University. Boardmore Theatre presents an annual season of plays which includes four Main Stage productions and a one act play festival .


Open auditions are held each September for anyone interested in getting involved in any aspect of the theatre.  Acting on stage is not the only thing people want to do.  There is opportunity to work as a playwright , lighting and sound technician,  set builder,  stage manager,  costume designer, and  props builder.  There is something for everyone.  Auditions are held the weekend following the first week of classes.

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