Past Exhibitions 2018


November 17, 2017 – February 2, 2018

The exhibit will highlight real-world examples of the use of art in science and technology. The exhibit will feature the artistic practice of three of the conference speakers whose work have in common that they reflect the natural world and intersect with one of the STEM fields.

The gallery will feature works by the following artists:

proletariart 2018: the people’s art exhibition

February 23 – April 20

Each year, the CBU Art Gallery invites artists of all ages and levels of experience to participate in a non-juried community exhibition to celebrate community creativity. We look forward to seeing returning esteemed artists’ work and welcome new talent.

Drawing from the concept of the late 17th-century Paris Salon, ProletariArt adopts the presentation style of exhibiting artwork floor-to-ceiling. While the original Paris Salon was largely conservative and exclusive to the members of the ArtAcademy, ProletariArt is open to everyone and celebrates amateur, folk, experimental, and avant-garde in addition to more traditional art forms.

through a quiet window

May 11 – July 6 

Best known as a drummer, composer, multi-instrumentalist and producer, Steve Jansen has also held a longstanding interest in photography. Through a Quiet Window presents recent audio work in conjunction with a selection of black and white photographs produced in the late 1970s and early 1980s when Jansen was active with the alternative English band, Japan. The exhibition offers a unique glimpse into the world as seen through the eyes of a critically-acclaimed musician and over a professional career spanning more than four decades.


May 11 – July 6

Developed in partnership with Saint Mary’s University Art Gallery, Halifax.

Cape Breton photographer Steve Wadden presents Forged – a photo documentary exhibition spanning a 10-year period in a steel city gone bust. Set in Sydney, NS, and its gritty former steel working neighbourhood of Whitney Pier, Forged serves as a character tribute for a place where the forging of steel led to the forging of culture. Wadden’s large scale photographs record the pivotal period following the closure of Sydney’s steel plant. The work explores culture of industry, socioeconomics, environment, politics and the community’s response to their changing circumstances.


July 27 – September 14, 2018

Where do the ideas for puppets, plush and doll designs come from? How do designers, sculptors and puppeteers transform paper, wood, rubber, fabric and other assorted materials into the characters we connect with and love? stuff takes the gallery visitor on a fascinating journey through the complex and often unexpected art of the sculptor, puppeteer, plush designer and animator. From the random thoughts which sow the seeds of an idea, to the challenges of ‘soft engineering’ and character design, this exhibition will engage visitors with the fascinating process behind these multilayered forms of artistic expression. Gallery visitors of all ages will delight in the exceptional work of celebrated puppeteers, designers and animators, Jamie Shannon and Jonathan Royce, along with the art of the young, emerging artist, Callum Donovan-Grujicich.

Jamie Shannon has over 25 years of experience in the field as a Canadian actor, director, writer, producer, puppeteer and voice artist and is best known for his work on the Gemini Award-winning Canadian children’s television series, Nanalan. His most recent project is the short film, Rasputin, released in 2017.

Jonathan Royce is a veteran of the animation industry who has piled his craft in France, the U.S. and Canada since 1985, Jonathan is also a freelance illustrator and designer based in Hamilton, Ontario. His more recent foray into making plush figures and soft sculpture began as a hobby around 2010, during a hiatus from animation.

 An emerging, young, remarkable artist with Canadian talent, who at the age of 13 has gained an international following with his unique and striking sculptures, Callum Donovan-Grujicich uses a combination of found   objects and mixed media. He fashions small-scale figures which are both whimsical and imaginative.

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