Past Exhibitions 2017

Abstracted Flight

September 5th – October 27th

 A selection of works from the CBU Art Gallery’s permanent collection.

In Our Time: The Political Cartoons of Josh Silburt (1942-1947)

Friday, June 9th – August 11th 

Image credits: “Our Victory Garden”, Josh Silburt (1945) Toronto Telegram

Throughout the 1930s and 1940s Josh Silburt published more than a thousand political and sports cartoons in major newspapers across Canada. Silburt was also the editorial cartoonist at the Sydney Post Record (now the Cape Breton Post) in the mid-1940s. The exhibition will highlight some of the issues that continue to shape Cape Breton culture.


ProletariArt 2017

February 3rd – April 13th, 2017

Image credit: John Mathews, ProletariArt 2017 postcard.

Each year the CBU Art Gallery puts out the call to the artists of our local community to participate in a non-juried exhibition. Participating artists range widely in age and produce work at all levels of experience. Proletariart 2017 featured work from a variety of media including drawing, photography, woodcarving, and more. Congratulations to all of the artists who contributed and made this exhibition a success!

Karen Stentaford: 

Photomatic Travelling Tintype Studio

February 3rd – Friday 31st March, 2017

Image credit: Sara and Nathan (2016), Karen StentafordImage courtesy of artist.

Many visitors to last year’s Lumière Arts Festival will remember Karen Stentaford’s travelling tintype studio, which was located in downtown Sydney at the top of Charlotte Street. The Sackville-based photographer spent the evening making portraits using the 19th century tintype technique and made pictures of dozens of visitors using the now-rare photographic process. The results of this work will be on display at the CBU Art Gallery in conjunction with the ‘Proletariart’ community art exhibition.

Karen Stentaford is an artist and educator who works primarily in medium and large format photography, often employing toy cameras and alternative processes. Since 2012, much of her work has been made using the wet plate collodion process—glass negatives and tintypes. Her recent bodies of work investigate ideas of place and memory influenced by the Newfoundland landscape of her childhood. Karen is the photography technician and lecturer in the Department of Fine Arts at Mount Allison University, Sackville, NB.

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