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Upcoming Exhibitions

Red Rising Hoods

Teresa Marshall

October 1, 2018 – January 11, 2019

Drawing from popular and commodity culture, Teresa Marshall’s artistic practice uses familiar objects to address Aboriginal issues and to analyze relations of power. Through antagonism and humor, her artwork reveals and criticizes neo-colonialism as well as the impact of structural and systemic violence. In particular, she uses visual and verbal puns aimed at deconstructing stereotypes, challenging dominant worldviews. Marshall’s work urgently proposes alternative histories and truths in the 21st century.

Teresa Marshall is an award-winning multimedia artist who creates sculptures and installations that address the ellipses and absences in the dominant Eurocentric version of North American history. Marshall grew up in a bi-cultural military family, partially on the Millbrook reserve, before studying at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (BFA, 1990), where she won numerous scholarships and academic awards. Since the early 1990’s Marshall has worked extensively as an instructor, juror, visiting artist and lecturer across Canada and the United States. Marshall is also a published poet and playwright who participates in a wide range of art-related activities that focus on issues faced by Native Peoples, with a specific concern for the well being and celebrating of the Mi’kmaq culture.

Upcoming Events

Handmade Holiday 2018

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Mark Silverberg Article on the Phil Richards Cinema Mural

Published in the Cape Breton Post on March 22, 2017

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Banner image credit: detail of Spring, Patricia McClelland (1978), from the CBU Art Gallery permanent collection

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