Association for Safer Cape Breton Communities

Promoting a comprehensive community safety plan…fostering the well-being of everyone.

safer-bridge_300wWelcome to AFSCBC. Cape Breton community leaders from a variety of sectors and agencies have come together to address community safety and crime prevention. They have agreed that their community would benefit from the development of a comprehensive community safety plan to guide sustained inter-agency and community partnerships that will achieve the community‟s mission of preventing crime and victimization, increasing personal and community safety and security and fostering the well-being of everyone.

Support the vision of an improved quality of life

Cape Breton is a vibrant community deeply committed to the safety, health and well-being of its residents today and into the future. The ad hoc coalition is ready to demonstrate this commitment by moving from the conceptual to the practical. This entails creating a structure to serve as a responsibility centre for mobilizing and coordinating the efforts of the community. It requires putting in place a process for planning and implementing a comprehensive community safety strategy. The strategy will guide the effective deployment of human, financial and knowledge resources to realize the vision of a safe and crime-free community in which to work, live and grow. The community is poised to translate sound and accepted theory and shared values into sustainable practices that support the vision of an improved quality of life for the residents of Cape Breton and Nova Scotia.

Origins: On April 23, 2007, the Cape Breton Regional Police Service and Cape Breton University hosted a meeting of “strategic thinkers” to discuss the possible establishment of a coalition to develop a comprehensive crime-prevention strategy for the region. Such an entity, it was suggested, would thereafter use its influence to have such a strategy implemented.