Anita DeLazzer

When Anita DeLazzer was researching options for university she discovered that Cape Breton University was the first post -secondary institution in Canada to offer a Para-legal Technology program – the exact program she was interested in. And it just so happened that CBU was in Anita’s backyard – Sydney. Anita notes, “The main reason I chose CBU was because it was our local University and it delivered great programs.”

Of those programs, Anita graduated in 1979 with a Para-legal Technology degree, and continued on to complete a Bachelor of Arts in Community Studies degree in 1981. No stranger to hard work, Anita was able to gain employment with the law firm of Elman, Kuna and Hannem while she worked toward her second degree.

A full-time student with a part-time job, Anita devoted herself to working hard, and was rewarded with the honour of not only graduating, but delivering the salutatory speech at her CBU convocation ceremony. “I enjoyed all my time at CBU as a student. I was involved in a number of committees and met great friends and colleagues,” said Anita. “But delivering the salutatory speech at my graduation was very memorable.”

As the current publisher and general manager of the Cape Breton Post newspaper, Anita still carries that same work ethic with her today, and strongly believes that a quality education is fundamental to shaping our careers.  “Education provides us with a baseline as we start our career.  That is just one element we need as we enter the work force,” said Anita.  “Working with people, being involved on committees, and playing sports is also a huge part of our education.  CBU provides all those opportunities for us.   My education and experiences at CBU provided a great foundation for my career.