Jill McPherson


Name: Jill McPherson

Occupation: Research Project Manager, Cape Breton University

Degree(s): BA in honours Anthropology and Sociology, CBU, 2010; MA candidate in International Development Studies, SMU 2017

Description: Jill was born and raised in Port, Morin, Nova Scotia and began my CBU adventure nearly a decade ago. It was during my time at CBU that I became a global citizen and realized my passion for community and international development. As a student, I was fortunate enough to become involved with many important charities and this work has taken me all over the world – from remote villages in Kenya, to the capital of Mongolia, and most recently, back to my home – Cape Breton Island. All that I’ve accomplished can be attributed to the support and encouragement received from faculty, staff, classmates and friends, while attending CBU. I’m excited to embark on my next CBU adventure as a member of the CBU Alumni board and wherever life takes me next, I’ll always be a strong and proud member of the CBU Alumni family. With the support of over 19, 000 alumni, I don’t think I can go wrong!

Email: mcpherson.jill@gmail.com

Twitter: @Jilly_Goat