Will I get to do hands-on activities in my courses?

Yes! A big component of all our courses is hands-on work that helps you to learn by doing!

Will I get to work with the community during my degree?

Yes! In both the community studies and SPAL courses, you will work with the community to effectuate positive change!

Can I become a physiotherapist if I take this degree?

With further training, yes! You should speak to a student advisor to make sure you get the required biology courses as part of your minor.

Can I become a physical education teacher if I take this degree?

After you complete this degree, you need to take a B.Ed in order to become a teacher. Some of our graduates have gotten into B.Eds with the intent of becoming PE teachers.

I am a student-athlete. Is it too hard to complete this degree while simultaneously focusing on sport?

No! We work with you to make sure that you are able to do both to the best of your ability. Come talk to the professors and let them know your situation! In fact, 3 out of the 4 head coaches teach in the SPAL program!

What are the admission requirements?

Same as all BACS entry requirements

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