Trade Graduate Internship Program

CBU International Business Graduates

“Hands on approach to the world of International Business”

You’ve earned it. It’s time to put your education to work for you!

Opportunities Available

  • One year internship available with option to stay with company for 3 year term
  • Open to CBU BBA/MBA students who are interested in International Business.  The Global Supply Chain Management course is currently offered at NSCC.  Completion of this course and the required courses in International Business already completed through your BBA/MBA degree, would qualify you for this internship.
  • Open to individuals who have graduated with a degree or diploma in International Business/Marketing within the last three years. Individuals who have completed courses with (FITT) including Introduction to International Business, Global Supply Chain Management, International Marketing and International Trade Finance.
  • Individuals should have experience in the development of international business plans and a full understanding of international business terms, logistics, finance and marketing.
  • Funding assistance available to potential employers who wish to hire trade graduates.
  • Resumes can be sent to
  • To apply or see if you qualify, please contact Helen Graham at
  • Employers information contact 
  • Job postings are also available at

More information available at: Export Internship for Trade Graduates