Justification for an MBA in CED

Your senior employees have a comprehensive knowledge of your organization – an in-depth knowledge that would take years to teach a new recruit. So investing in them is a wise business decision.

For your employee, earning an MBA in Community Economic Development may mean reaching a personal goal without interrupting their career. The rewards for your organization are many.

  • Talent is developed from within, lessening turnover rates
  • Your employee acquires new knowledge and information that is immediately transferable to your organization
  • A demonstration of commitment to your senior employees
  • A return on your investment with a knowledgeable leader who deeply understands your organization

How can your organization pay for this? The division of cost can vary. For some organizations, it makes sense to pay the entire cost of the MBA in return for a length of stay agreement with the employee. For others, forgivable loans are the answer. Either way, it is a sensible and prudent investment in your organization’s future.