Our Supply Chain Management major will help you deliver the goods globally.

  • Gain experience on how global sourcing constitutes an essential part in the supply chain.
  • Learn to identify potential markets, tap into skills or resources not readily or economically available locally, and develop alternative collaborators to achieve goals.
  • Develop an understanding of the potential risks in global sourcing which can include hidden costs that come along with working alongside different geopolitical zones, cultural differences, time zones, currency exchange, and exposure to financial and political risks in some emerging economies.
  • Gain an understanding of planning and information technology tools for effectively coordinating the activities of supply chain stakeholders.

Students graduating with the BBA Supply Chain Management Major will not only achieve the primary knowledge of a well-rounded academic program, but they will also gain specialized skills. These individuals will be well positioned to pursue a variety of careers along the supply chain and will be valuable to any employer.

You can be successful and will be an asset. Goods don’t move themselves. Major in Supply Chain Management and move your career forward.