BBA: Major in Supply Chain Management

Study supply. You’ll be in demand.

A Major in Supply Chain Management is the newest addition to Cape Breton University’s Bachelor of Business Administration Program.  This program provides a unique opportunity to learn about the fascinating challenges that companies face in today’s global networked economy.

Demand is high for supply chain management professionals in Canada and abroad. Employers want people who have the ability to see the business as a system. This program aims to prepare students to enter the workforce with a broader understanding of supply chain management and logistics.

35,000 job openings in Canada alone. That’s a pretty good supply of opportunity.

Supply chain management involves the management of materials, information, and finances as they move from the manufacturer, to the supplier and retailer, than ultimately to the end user.

In Canada, the supply chain is one of the most essential sectors of the economy involving 767,000 workers from a range of occupations and industries. Although, studying to earn your BBA with a Major in Supply Chain Management shouldn’t only interest Canadian students. This program should excite international students who already have exposure to, and basic understanding of, supply chain management and logistics.

Students studying Supply Chain Management will take 120 credits including courses in:  

  • Quantitative Methods
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Management Information Systems
  • Procurement & Supply Management
  • Logistics and Transportation
  • Operations Management
  • Global Sourcing
  • Plus general business management courses

Co-op Internship Option

Students are eligible to take a paid internship while completing their BBA. The internship takes place over 12 to 16 weeks, allowing students to work with a mentor in the field of study while earning a wage, three credits and a competitive edge when applying for future work.