Accommodations in Sydney 

As the largest city in Cape Breton and the location of a busy cruise ship port, Sydney has wide variety of accommodations that can meet the needs of conference attendees. Although the conference is held at Cape Breton University, 10 km from downtown Sydney, most hotels are located in the downtown area, and it is strongly recommended that attendees stay here. Transportation to and from the university is easy and reasonably priced, i.e., a taxi is <$15 and public transit is $2.25. There are no hotels near the university and very few amenities.

Official hotel

The official hotel of CPC 2016 is the Cambridge Suites. Centrally located on the Sydney waterfront,  they are one of the top ranked hotelsImage of hotel room in the area. Rooms can be booked directly at a special conference rate of $127 (plus HST) for a double or king, based on single or double occupancy. The rate includes breakfast, parking, and wi-fi. Harbour view doubles can be booked for $137 (plus HST).

Reservations can be made by calling 1.800.565.9466 or through the following link.

Note that block booked space (Aug. 23rd-28th) is very limited. Additional rooms may be available, but are subject to availability, which becomes scarce during the summer months. So, please book early!

The Cambridge Suites has kindly offered to extend the above rate to any attendees who wish to prolong their stay beyond the conference period, subject to room availability.

Other hotels

A number of additional hotels are within walking distance of downtown. Some are cheaper than the Cambridge Suites’ conference rate (if booked through discount websites), but they are less conveniently located, e.g., the Hearthstone Inn is a 30 minute walk from downtown. Options include:

These hotels do not come with any endorsement from the conference organizers, but reviews can be read at To save yourself some money, if you don’t use the official hotel, shop around on sites like,, etc. (Note: Make sure the currency is set to Canadian dollars!)

A list of hotels and bed and breakfasts prepared for a previous conference can be found here:

Budget accommodation

Unfortunately, there is no hostel in the Sydney area, however, several places on Airbnb rent individual rooms.

Additionally, there are a small number of Sydney-based hosts on Couchsurfing.comincluding one of the conference organizers! (Who unfortunately won’t be hosting that week.)

To accommodate (literallyha, ha) students and the underwaged, we’ve created two options:

  1. A Facebook page intended to provide a space for attendees to share information and make connections. There is a post there where people can seek out potential roommates.
  2. A small number of free hosted spots will be available for students needing accommodation. These will be at the apartments of Cape Breton University students or faculty, and may vary in quality from a spare room to a couch. Only a limited number of attendees can be accommodated. Please email with the subject line Host Needed. 


Co-organizer (Cape Breton University)

Sydney, Nova Scotia

Phone: 902.563.2844

Co-organizer (Joggins Fossil Institute)

Joggins, Nova Scotia

Phone: 902.251.2727

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