Geology is the study of Earth and the physical or chemical processes responsible for the formation of our planet and others, the nature of the processes operating on Earth, and the understanding and interpretation of the history recorded in rocks. Geologists can work in a variety of fields, for example; finding resources like metals, fossil fuels, or water, understanding the origin of continents and oceans, studying the formation of mountains, understanding earthquakes and volcanoes, studying the evolution of life and determining causes of mass extinctions, and many more.

CBU offers a number of geology courses available to students in all programs. Whether you take geology courses as a program requirement or electives, you will come away with an increased understanding of Earth, how it functions as a planet, how it has evolved over its history, and an appreciation for how humans understand and adapt to their environment. Our introductory courses cover basic geological concepts related to rocks, minerals, resources, Earth history, and natural disasters. We offer upper year courses dealing with water resources and geochemistry with applications in environmental fields as well as resource management and policy.