The Chemistry Department

chemistry-certifiedChemistry continues to be a pivotal science. It is as important as a discipline as it is in the service function it provides to other fields of study such as engineering, biology, medicine, nursing, food sciences, pharmacy, oceanography and environmental sciences. A course in chemistry is also of great value to the student intending to pursue studies in law, business administration, political science, psychology and many other programs, for it provides an understanding of the scientific method and of the chemical basis of today’s world.

Cape Breton University’s Department of Chemistry currently has eight tenured faculty and five lab instructors. Full list of department members and contact information can be found on this webpage.

The Chemistry department is well equipped for research support in all traditional branches of chemistry, including a 400 MHz NMR spectrometer, FT-IR, FT-Raman, UV/Vis spectrometers, UPLC-MSMS/PAD,  HPLC, GC-FID, GC-MS, atomic absorption spectrometer, and a 28 core Linux cluster.

We offer Canadian Society of Chemistry (CSC) accredited BSc Majors, Honours, double Major and double major Honours degree programs. We also offer a 3-year BSc program.

Additional information can be obtained by contacting the department chair.

Matthias Bierenstiel
Associate Professor, Inorganic Chemistry / Dept. Chair

Office: TC119 (office) A-209 (lab)

Phone: 902.563.1391 (office) ext 1979 (lab)

Allen Britten
Professor, Chemistry

Office: TC103

Phone: 902.563.1241

Godwin D'Cunha
Associate Professor, Chemistry

Office: A218B

Phone: 902.563.1967

Shimal Fernandopulle
Senior Lab Instructor, Chemistry

Office: A218-C

Phone: 902.563.1215

Karen Foss
Senior Laboratory Instructor

Office: A-205-B

Phone: 902.563.1461

Calvin Howley
Senior Laboratory Instructor, Chemistry

Office: A-218-E

Phone: 902.563.1877

Judy MacInnis
Senior Laboratory Instructor, Chemistry

Office: TC-140

Phone: 902.563.1876

Stephanie MacQuarrie
Associate Professor, Organic Chemistry

Office: A-218-F

Phone: 902.563.1302

Jaime Martell
Associate Professor, Chemistry

Office: A218G

Phone: 902.563.1211

Adango Miadonye
Professor, Chemistry

Office: A221A

Phone: 902.563.1210

Martin Mkandawire
Industrial Research Chair in Minewater Management / Associate Professor, Chemistry

Office: CS201

Phone: 902.563.1430

D'Anne O'Callaghan
Chemistry Lab Instructor

Office: A206

Phone: 902.563.1131

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