Bachelor of Science (BSc)

See your future evolve as a student of CBU’s Bachelor of Science program. This degree is designed for students who are curious about the world around them and want to be part of its progress. With majors in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Psychology, and minors in Geology and Physics, CBU offers plenty of options for whichever path you plan to take. Many graduates of this program have chosen successful careers in health, dentistry, occupational therapy or scientific research.

  • Bachelor of Science – 3 year
  • Bachelor of Science – 4 year
  • Bachelor of Science – 4 year Double Major with Biology or Chemistry as First Major
  • Bachelor of Science – 4 year Honours

Bachelor of Science Degrees

There are four different categories of Bachelor of Science program: the 3-year General, the 4-year Major, the 4-year Honours, and the 4-year Double Major; see individual subjects for details.

Minors are available in:


Combined Programs

All students in the following programs are required to write the Calculus Readiness Test.
BSc Mathematics with Engineering Diploma
BSc Chemistry with Engineering Diploma

For detailed information, see the Academic Calendar.

David McCorquodale
Professor of Biology and Dean of Science & Technology

Office: B212

Phone: 902.563.1262

Richard Pierrynowski
Instructor, Engineering and Assistant Dean of Science & Technology

Office: A116G

Phone: 902.563.1183

Joanne Hughes
Assistant to the Dean

Office: B214

Phone: 902.563.1341

Kim Martin
School Secretary

Office: A129

Phone: 902.563.1149

Tim Rawlings
Associate Professor, Biology / Dept. Chair

Office: TC117

Phone: 902.563.1138

Matthias Bierenstiel
Associate Professor, Inorganic Chemistry / Dept. Chair

Office: TC119 (office) A-209 (lab)

Phone: 902.563.1391 (office) ext 1979 (lab)

Paul Standing
Instructor of Engineering / Dept. Chair

Office: A222I

Phone: 902.563.1202

James Preen
Associate Professor, Mathematics / Dept. Chair

Office: A129A

Phone: 902.563.1181

Geoffrey Carre
Assistant Professor, Psychology / Dept. Chair

Office: B-221-H