Graduate & Faculty Profiles

Class of 2015
Drew Wagner
Drew chose the BET because he is interested in working in the oil and gas industry, where skills in environmental impact assessment are in demand… read more.

Class of 2008
Mary White
“With the co-op work terms, you show them what you can do, you work hard, and the sky’s the limit…” read more.

Bill Bailey
Many students choose the BET program at CBU because it is a 3-year degree that gets them out into the working world quickly and with the requisite skills… read more.

Class of 2014
Gordon Crowley
“The program was very fast-paced, which I really liked. I’m about to graduate and I’ve already got work lined up, so I made the right choice…” read more.

Helen Xia
“We try to close the gap between academics and industry. There are a lot of jobs in engineering right now. Most students find a job right away…” read more.

Class of 2009
Chad Huntington
“I loved the BET program because it was very hands-on and we knew we were learning something that was directly preparing us for what we would do in the workforce…” read more.