Bachelor of Arts and Science in Environment

Two perspectives for one better world.

The Bachelor of Arts and Science in Environment (BAS Environment) at Cape Breton University (CBU) is a distinctive undergraduate degree that will allow you to develop and nurture skills in both arts and sciences. The BAS in Environment is multifaceted and includes teachings and perspectives from Faculty in many different areas of the university, including Business, Geology, Mi’kmaq Studies and Biology. By completing this degree you can become a powerful advocate for environmental sustainability practices in a wide variety of sectors including policy and government, education, environmental assessment, resource management, communication, and community development.

An Indigenous Focus

This uniquely interdisciplinary degree allows for the opportunity to constructively and profoundly engage with issues relating to sustainability, environment and community in practical ways. By building on the strength of CBU’s relationships with First Nations communities, and in cooperation with Unama’ki College, the BAS in Environment integrates Indigenous knowledge into its core principles. The program has incorporated a significant Indigenous focus into the program’s Five Guiding Principles:.

1) Emphasize Indigenous perspectives in every course;
2) Focus on interdisciplinary;
3) Spotlight cutting edge and exciting material from multiple sectors and in diverse forms;
4) Concentrate on research methods and research ethics; and,
5) Emphasize writing and communication.

Graduates of this program will emerge with sound research and writing skills, a multifaceted knowledge of local and global environmental issues, and a passion to make change. This program will open the door for opportunities for collaborative learning and research with local Mi’kmaq communities.

David McCorquodale
Professor of Biology and Dean of Science & Technology

Office: B212

Phone: 902.563.1262

Richard Pierrynowski
Instructor, Engineering and Assistant Dean of Science & Technology

Office: A116G

Phone: 902.563.1183

Joanne Hughes
Assistant to the Dean

Office: B214

Phone: 902.563.1341

Kim Martin
School Secretary

Office: A129

Phone: 902.563.1149

Tim Rawlings
Associate Professor, Biology / Dept. Chair

Office: TC117

Phone: 902.563.1138

Matthias Bierenstiel
Associate Professor, Inorganic Chemistry / Dept. Chair

Office: TC119 (office) A-209 (lab)

Phone: 902.563.1391 (office) ext 1979 (lab)

Paul Standing
Instructor of Engineering / Dept. Chair

Office: A222I

Phone: 902.563.1202

James Preen
Associate Professor, Mathematics / Dept. Chair

Office: A129A

Phone: 902.563.1181

Geoffrey Carre
Assistant Professor, Psychology / Dept. Chair

Office: B-221-H