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The School of Science and Technology (SST) is home to a wide selection of courses focused on science, engineering and technology. Through well-established programs like the Bachelor of Science, complemented by emerging programs, like our new Bachelor of Arts and Science in Environment, SST provides a firm foundation for students interested in these diverse and exciting fields. Students in SST programs get to explore their interests and curiosities, while gaining critical knowledge, training and skills to secure a rewarding career.

Through a combination of academics, hands-on learning and real life experience, SST graduates are both versatile and in demand. Limited enrolment and small class sizes allow students to get research experience during their degree, collaborate closely with our Science faculty and get the individualized attention needed for success. Students gain relevant work experience through CBU’s Co-op Placements, providing a competitive advantage when entering the job market after graduation.

Degrees and Programs

  • Bachelor of Science
  • Bachelor of Engineering Technology
  • Bachelor of Engineering Transfer Program (Engineering Diploma)
  • Bachelor of Technology Nautical Science
  • Bachelor of Arts & Science in Environment

Letter from the Dean

Students bring the School of Science and Technology (SST) to life. Each year we welcome fresh faces and congratulate our graduates as they receive their diplomas and degrees in Engineering, Engineering Technology, Science and more.

Our faculty brings expertise to our classrooms and labs, with an extraordinary depth of knowledge in science and technology subjects from mathematics, marine biology and engineering to clinical psychology, physical chemistry, petroleum geology and more.

We work hard to ensure the necessary academic support and guidance for students is provided along their academic journey, as well as relevant training and research opportunities. Our record of success is evident in the generations of our graduates who work in Nova Scotia, across Canada, and around the world.

From personal experience, gained through 26 years at CBU, I know small class sizes and hands-on experiences are key parts of SST. Also, our faculty bring a caring attitude to their classrooms and labs – they will want to get to know you during your time at CBU and will want to help you to achieve success. Their expertise and connections with employers or colleagues are also vital to helping you to meet your career goals. The net result is a welcoming, supportive environment that prepares graduates for whatever they choose to do after graduation.

Beyond academic programming, a social network is important at university. Our small class sizes, weekly labs and student meeting-spaces facilitate these relationships. Academic supports also assist with networking. The Math and Science Centre provides a great resource for first year students. For senior students, The Centre provides meaningful employment as academic tutors, as well as a chance for students to hone skills in their discipline. Many students also opt to work on campus, with CBU’s Research Labs providing several opportunities.

I would love to be of assistance in your decision to join CBU’s School of Science & Technology. Please reach out to chat about your future experience with us by sending me an email or picking up the phone. In the meantime, welcome to CBU!

David McCorquodale

Areas of Study

Download the  CBU Viewbook  CBU isn’t just a place where students go. It’s a place where they Happen, and  then keep on Happening wherever they go. Find Out How
This is where you'll Happen.  Apply Now
Download the  CBU Viewbook  CBU isn’t just a place where students go. It’s a place where they Happen, and  then keep on Happening wherever they go. Find Out How