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Department of Education Mission Statement
The Department of Education at Cape Breton University is committed to preparing teachers for their responsibilities as educators in both local and global contexts.  To achieve this, we provide programs in both pre-service and continuing graduate level teacher education that emphasize disciplined professional inquiry while reflecting the best classroom practice and the results of current research on teaching and learning.  The Department of Education is dedicated to preparing teachers, who will be knowledgeable, skillful, flexible, caring pedagogues and responsible members of the profession.

A Core Focus on Education for Sustainability (EfS)
A core focus for the Education programs at Cape Breton University is Education for Sustainability (EfS). Our vision of EfS is inclusive of the three realms of sustainability – environment, society and economy and addresses content, context, pedagogy, global issues and local priorities.  Teachers and teacher candidates will engage in learning designed to cultivate, critical thinking, creativity, knowledge, and skills to actively address challenges with sustainable solutions.  EfS supports the values of interdependence, empathy, equity, personal responsibility, social justice and holistic perspectives required to participate in society and to live sustainably and well.

Bachelor of Education

A career as a teacher is a rewarding experience, which allows individuals to play a key role in the development of tomorrow’s leaders.  In only 16-months, the Bachelor of Education (BEd) degree from Cape Breton University equips students with the skills and experience needed to be influential educators.

CBU’s campus based BEd program exposes students to modern teaching practices and techniques, while providing the knowledge and independence needed for students to create personal teaching philosophies. Upon completion of the program, graduates will have experienced a 4-month teaching practicum, along with ample opportunities to accumulate a diverse teaching portfolio.  As a result of this approach, CBU graduates are successfully leading their own classrooms worldwide.

The skills acquired through a Bachelor of Education program are sought after by many sectors. This combined with Cape Breton University’s fast-track program of 16-months, makes the BEd an attractive professional program to students wishing to pursue other careers paths.  It is no secret that a Bachelor of Education degree can open doors to a broad array of careers.


Graduate Level Teacher Education Programs

With a focus on teacher education, Cape Breton University offers a number of programs to in-service educators and working professionals wishing to upgrade credentials.

Cape Breton University strongly believes in life long learning and continuing education for teachers.  For this reason, CBU offers multiple innovative learning opportunities designed to enhance, strengthen and increase teacher qualifications across the country.

All of the 30 credit hour Master and Diploma programs are obtainable on a part-time basis and are offered online to provide accessibility and ease for busy teachers and professionals in various time zones.


Susan Basso
Manager, Bachelor of Education and Practicum Coordinator

Office: L138

Phone: 902.563.1651

Kristin O'Rourke
Manager, Teacher Education Programs

Office: L138

Phone: 902-563-1647

Jane Lewis
Associate Professor, Education / Dept. Chair

Office: L138

Phone: 902.563.1305