Students studying English at CBU can select from a wide range of courses that study topics from historical literary periods to contemporary cultural forms such as science-fiction/fantasy and film, to creative writing. First-year courses blend the teaching of writing skills with the analysis of texts that range from poetry, novels and plays to films, graphic novels and song lyrics, while upper-year courses offer more expansive explorations of these topics. Through the study of literature, you’ll travel through space and time in the works of science fiction, visit the magical worlds of Celtic mythology and fantasy, experience what people read while real knights fought in battles, or walk through the streets of Renaissance London by way of Shakespeare. The department offers an extensive range of courses in dramatic literature, as many students also work towards a minor in Drama, or obtain a certificate in Theatre Arts.

The study of literature gives students unique insights into human experience and its imaginative expression. English students learn effective writing and research skills and strengthen their analytical abilities by thinking critically not just about written texts, but about the wider cultural and historical issues embodied in literary works.

In addition, CBU’s English Student Society provides students with an opportunity to combine learning with social networking out of the classroom.

Program Options

CBU offers four-year Honours, Double Major, Major/Minor and Area Major in English within the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Arts Community Studies degree programs. You can also earn a three-year academic concentration in English. English courses may be used as a minor or electives.

Arja Vainio-Mattila
Dean, School of Arts & Social Sciences

Office: B212

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Mary Keating
Associate Dean, School of Arts & Social Sciences / Assistant Professor, English

Office: CC-222

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Lynn MacEachern
Assistant to the Dean, School of Arts & Social Sciences

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Sherry Spracklin
School Secretary

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