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  • 3-year General Degree
  • 4-year Major Degree
    • Major with Minor
    • English with Specialization in Dramatic Literature (Major with Minor)
    • Double Major
    • Area Major
  • Honours Degree
    • First Class Honours

For detailed information, see the Academic Calendar

The Department of Languages and Letters is committed to programs of study that develop creativity, cultural literacy, and an appreciation for the complexity and power of language in all its forms. In addition to a concentration in French, we offer a wide range of programs in English.

Our English degrees balance traditional courses in literary periods with a range of offerings  that consider important genres and trends in literary, theoretical, and textual studies. If you want to know more about English and French courses at CBU, talk to any of faculty or contact the chair for information and advice.

Languages and Letters Course Descriptions


English programs follow the normal structure of the BA or BACS degrees outlined in the Academic Calendar.  In the BA programs, students take a range of courses designed to give them a broad knowledge of literary studies in English. The specific requirements vary by the particular degree, so consult the Calendar and talk to any of our faculty as you plan your program.

All four-year majors are required to complete the senior directed study (English 499) or the Honours thesis (English 497). These courses give senior students the chance to work directly, one-on-one, with a faculty advisor, conducting research in areas that match their own interests. Directed studies may include a creative writing element for interested students.

Consider the Honours Program

The honours program in English is a more intensive version of the four year major designed for students with an especially strong interest in the subject.

Simply put, you will take more courses in English covering a broader spectrum of periods and subjects. You will also be required to maintain a somewhat higher average in your courses. Though it’s more challenging, having an honours degree tells graduate and professional programs that you are a cut above.


Though often referred to informally as the “English Department” our department prides itself in offering a range of possibilities for studies in French. Students may follow a concentration in French within a 3-year General Degree, and French may also be included as a Minor or as a second Major in a 4-year program. For more information, contact Dr. Bernard Mulo Farenkia.


Our department also has course offerings in Spanish that may be taken as electives.


Sheila Christie
Associate Professor of English

Office: CC-224

Phone: 563-1156

Jan Curtis
Associate Professor of English

Office: CC-225

Phone: 902-563-1417

William Davey
Senior Scholar

Office: CC267

Phone: 563-1319

Bernard Mulo Farenkia
Professor of French and Linguistics

Office: CC236

Phone: 902.563.1870

Jane Farnsworth
Associate Professor of English

Office: CC232

Phone: 902.563.1250

Boardmore Playhouse Director

Office: L193

Phone: 902.563.1351

Afra Kavanagh
Senior Scholar

Mary Keating
Associate Dean, School of Arts & Social Sciences / Assistant Professor, English

Office: CC-222

Phone: 902.563.1623

Ronald Labelle
Associate Professor, French

Office: CC-235

Phone: 563-1372

Nathaniel Leach
Associate Professor of English

Office: CC-226

Phone: 902.563.1127

Dana Mount
Assistant Professor, English and Assistant Dean of Research, Teaching & Graduate Studies

Office: CC-228

Phone: 563.1162

Associate Professor of English

Office: CC-233

Phone: 563.1616

Mark Silverberg
Associate Professor of English

Office: CC-234

Phone: 902.563.1150

Julie Sutherland
Adjunct Professor

Office: CC-231

Phone: 902.563.1946

Denise Toney
Part-time Instructor

Arlette Sinquin
Part-time Instructor

Scott Sharplin
Lecturer, Drama

Office: L166

Phone: 902.563.1634