History Course Syllabi – 2016-2017

HIST1101 The Ascent of Humankind 1-Andy Parnaby

HIST1101 The Ascent of Humankind 1 – Scott Moir

HIST1701 History of Tourism – Don Nerbas

HIST2113 Europe in Renaissance and Reformation -David Mullan

HIST2115-75 Canadian Military History -Brian Tennyson

HIST2116/COMM2116 History Goes To The Movies -Andy Parnaby

HIST2117 America Freedom and Empire -Don Nerbas

HIST2701 Fall of Rome and the Origins of the Middle-ages – Scott Moir

HIST 3104 – Social History of Modern Canada 1 – Don Nerbas

HIST3115 Variety of Histories – David Mullan

HIST 3703 – Modern America – Don Nerbas

HIST4703- A History of Blacks and Racial Segregation in Canada

HIST4701 Special Topics: Freedom in the Modern World – Graham Reynolds

HIST4705 History in the Archives – Scott Moir

Scott Moir
Associate Professor, History

Office: CC217

Phone: 902.563.1673

Andrew Parnaby
Associate Professor, History / Dept. Chair, Cultural & Creative Studies (Faculty Affairs)

Office: CE256

Phone: 902.563.1286

Don Nerbas
Assistant Professor, History

Office: CE247

Phone: 563-1894

Brian Tennyson
Professor Emeritus

Phone: 902-543-7909

Graham Reynolds
Professor Emeritus

Office: CE-250

Phone: 902.563.1145