What is History?

History is the study of the human past. Historians analyze the causes and consequences of change over time and seek to expand our knowledge of our own current experiences through a deeper understanding of the past.

Why Study History?

Home to award-winning faculty and cutting-edge researchers, the History program offers students:

What’s New in the Department for 2017-18?

A WIDE range of courses are available for the upcoming year. 

  • Learn to conduct an oral history interview in “Stories We Tell” (HIST 1105) with Lachlan MacKinnon
  • Experience live action role playing in “Faces of Battle” (HIST 2701) with Scott Moir
  • Return to World War I and the origins of the 20th century with Brian Tennyson (HIST 2118)
  • AAAAAaaaargh!  Pirates are the focus of Andy Parnaby’s “Atlantic World in the Age of Sail” (HIST 3131)
  • Racial segregation in Canada and the United States (HIST 4701) taught by Graham Reynolds
  • Amazing interdisciplinary option this year: “The Holocaust and Its Aftermath” (SASS 4751) taught by Nat Leach

INTERNSHIPS are available with the Beaton Institute for the fall 2017. Click the “Internship” tab on the right of the screen for more details.

THE 19th ANNUAL J.B. MCLACHLAN MEMORIAL LECTURE will take place in the Fall of 2017.  Details to follow! 

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Scott Moir
Associate Professor, History

Office: CC217

Phone: 902.563.1673

Andrew Parnaby
Associate Professor, History / Dept. Chair, Cultural & Creative Studies (Faculty Affairs)

Office: CE256

Phone: 902.563.1286

Don Nerbas
Assistant Professor, History

Office: CE247

Phone: 563-1894

Brian Tennyson
Professor Emeritus

Phone: 902-543-7909

Graham Reynolds
Professor Emeritus

Office: CE-250

Phone: 902.563.1145