Applied Theatre takes drama outside the confines of the ordinary theatre space, especially where there’s a social benefit to be found.

The program combines practical theatre learning with the study of other disciplines including dramatic literature and theory, administration, public policy, and much more.

The Applied Theatre program has been designed as a major in the four-year Bachelor of Arts Community Studies and works through process-oriented, experiential, in-community learning. Taking Applied Theatre at CBU means engaging in  self-directed learning, problem solving, critical thinking, and advancing your research and communication skills to support whatever, your future holds, whether it’s administration or activism. Social justice or social media.

What can I do with an Bachelor of Arts Community Studies (BACS), Major in Applied Theatre?

As a graduate of the Applied Theatre program, you will have the skills you need  to direct your future. You could start a company or organize large-scale community projects related to theatre. You might find yourself touring schools with shows that energize and educate our youth. Or you might work on projects that address political conflicts or trauma, or found a consultancy that helps organizations train their most talented new hires. This month you might be bringing your nation’s history to life; next month you’ll be using plays to help people really understand what it means to be a refugee.

All the world will be your stage.