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A degree in arts and social sciences is an educational foundation for an extraordinary range of careers and life experiences. You can explore the many opportunities with us. At CBU you’ll benefit from small classes taught by passionate faculty, opportunities to do research from the first year, and close working relationships with a wide range of groups and businesses locally and globally. These experiences give you a distinct advantage when moving into the work force, graduate school, or post-graduate training.

Arja Vainio-MattilaThe School of Arts and Social Sciences offers two degrees: Bachelor of Arts (BA) and Bachelor of Arts Community Studies (BACS). Both degrees offer a variety of degree options, including four-year Honours, Major, Double Major, and Minor, a three-year Concentration, or a multidisciplinary area studies major that allows you to develop new combinations. Whether you are doing a BA or a BACS , you can take advantage of opportunities to apply your in-class learning in workplace, and other settings outside the classroom. These opportunities include co-ops, internships, placements, exchanges and much more.

The Boardmore Playhouse, CBU Art Gallery, and Beaton Institute are the envy of other small universities. These arts and culture facilities open doors to internships, summer employment, extra-curricular activities, volunteer work, and exciting career paths you never thought of before.

Arja Vainio-Mattila

SASS Degree Options 

Bachelor of Arts

A Bachelor of Arts is a degree that offers exciting, contemporary, and challenging opportunities to learn through study and experience of diverse perspectives, ideas, traditions, and systems that live in our world from local to global contexts. Graduates with a B.A. degree are found in all walks of life as the B.A. prepares students to take their places in a world in which the ability to engage critically is highly valued, and provides students with the necessary skills to take on new positions multiple times in their working lives.

Bachelor of Arts Community Studies

The Bachelor of Arts Community Studies is the first degree CBU offered as a university, and remains unique to CBU. This degree offers the same excitement and perspective of a B.A. but also allows students to combine a career option with an academic area of study right from the start. There is also an opportunity to combine the B.A.C.S. degree with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in four years. At the end of three successful years, students will receive a Bachelor of Arts Community Studies degree with a career concentration in Business. After the fourth successful year, they will receive a Bachelor of Business Administration. Another opportunity is the 4-year B.A.C.S. Music Major.

Areas of study

The following are areas of study you can choose and combine according to your interests that are offered by the School. As a student in the School, you will also be able to choose electives offered by the other schools at CBU.

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Program List

Bachelor of Arts Community Studies

A Personalized Experience Imagine this; you are sitting in class at Cape Breton University, getting ready to tackle an assignment on youth crime. Months later you are working with the local police service assisting with a youth crime prevention project; or assisting in a classroom; or working with a social worker; or the top sports More »

Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Arts (Bachelor of Arts programs may include a 3-year General Degree, 4-year Honours Degree, and a 4-year Major/Minor, Double Major or Area Major; see individual subjects for details.) Anthropology and Sociology History & Culture Celtic Culture and Gaelic History Folklore Music and Ethnomusicology Communication Languages and Letters Drama English French Spanish Mathematics Philosophy More »

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