The Rotary Music Performance and Digitization Lab are two very important and special components of the Folklore and Ethnomusicology Programs, as they provide a unique opportunity for students and community members to become more involved in the wonderful world of music.


The Rotary Music Performance and Analysis Room is a multi-functional space that can be used to:

  • Record music and other performances for both research and archival purposes
  • Playback audiovisual recordings in a sound-proofed, high-quality acoustical space for the analysis of sound, movement, and other aspects of performance
  • Serve as a community rehearsal and performance venue
  • Provide an appropriate venue for disseminating research to the local community.


For booking inquires, please contact:

Dr. Richard MacKinnon
Cape Breton University
Tel: (902)-563-1284
Fax: (902)-563-1910

The Digitization Lab, designed by Pilchner Schoustal, serves numerous functions, such as recording performances, audio, video, photo and records digitization, and playback.  It is outfitted with sound equipment such as microphones, speakers, monitors, mixing boards, reel-to-reel machines, cassette decks, record players, as well as video cameras, stereo equipment and playback units in a variety of formats. It also houses computers, CD and DVD burners, older format audio and video machinery, audio and video editing software, encoding hardware and software, server storage and transcription hardware and software to facilitate musical analysis and transcription.

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