A Global Framework

Like any professional subject that studies people, Political Science is a truly fascinating, informative and evolving discipline. It is a diverse field of applied study, rich in academic tradition but open and responsive to the big issues of our time.

The CBU Political Science program is made up of highly qualified, dedicated professors, who are actively engaged in the community, and regional, national and international service activities. Their goal is to provide students with an enhanced understanding of areas like law, government, environment, human rights, social justice issues, Aboriginal government and treaties, economic and community development, international issues, and social media.

What Is The Study of Political Science?

In a world of challenges like global warming, social and economic inequality, racism, violence, political apathy and the hollowing out of democracy, Political Scientists are called upon to examine and challenge the groups, systems and institutions that perpetuate injustice. These professionals explore the opportunities for constructive intervention and social reform.

Political Science at CBU approaches these challenges from several angles including public policy, institutional reform, law and social activism. Firmly grounded in the liberal arts, our Political Science program provides students with the analytical tools and critical thinking skills to constructively contribute to their communities and the broader society.

Why Study Political Science At CBU?

Learn more about a subject that governs our everyday lives and leads the world around us.

  • The Political Science program at CBU offers a variety of courses in the fields of Canadian and International Law and Social Justice, Public Policy and Public Administration (Government), Local, National and Provincial Politics, International Relations and Political Theory
  • Students explore the ideas and institutions that shape our political world while understanding the role of the individual, social groups and nations involved in building a more just and ecologically sustainable future. Through the diverse and interesting selection of Political Science courses, students at CBU also:
    • Understand how federal and provincial governments work and the problems municipal government faces and how they involve individuals
    • Observe political parties, pressure groups, and terrorist organizations, and analyze elections and calculate their results
    • Understand how people think about politics, what values are important to them and how they come to believe what, in their mind, is the right thing to do
    • Discover what democracy means and how dictatorships operate
    • Study war and the political dimensions to violence and learn about peace and international security
    • Observe how laws are made and changed and compare how states are governed in all areas of the world, including North America, the Caribbean, Latin America, Africa, Asia and the Middle East
  • Our professors are authors of respected books and studies, while being engaged political leaders on a local, national and international level. Their consistent involvement shapes and informs their teaching while increasing the quality and value of the Political Science program at CBU.
  • Through CBU’s Political Science program, students build a foundation based on critical thinking, research and analysis, interviewing, written and oral communication, and cultural sensitivity. A versatile skill set that can be leveraged in any career path.

Pick a Career Path that’s right for you.

Areas where you can apply an education in Political Science:

  • High School Teacher or University Professor
  • National and International NGOs
  • A Public Service career in Federal, Provincial or Municipal Government
  • Canadian diplomat, working at the United Nations, or any international organization
  • A Politician or member of a political party or a special interest group
  • Law or law enforcement
  • Journalism, television, radio, or print media
  • Business-government relations
  • Public Policy Analyst and Policy Consulting  
  • Organizational Leadership and Development

Talk to your Academic Advisor about how to pair Political Science with a post-graduate program for the career you want.

Download the  CBU Viewbook  CBU isn’t just a place where students go. It’s a place where they Happen, and  then keep on Happening wherever they go. Find Out How
Download the  CBU Viewbook  CBU isn’t just a place where students go. It’s a place where they Happen, and  then keep on Happening wherever they go. Find Out How