Philosophy in Modern Times

Philosophy explores issues concerning the quality of our personal and social lives. It investigates the fundamental questions and concepts taken for granted by other disciplines and society at large. CBU’s Philosophy program takes a deeper look into the meaning of human happiness, love and friendship, justice and inequality, and the fate of religion in a scientific age.

What Is The Study of Philosophy?

Everyone desires a happy and productive life, satisfying work or career, meaningful relationships with other humans, and to live in a society that is well governed, and with rich cultural achievements. This program raises questions about what we mean by happiness, love, family, work, justice, truth, beauty, and progress.

Students are also educated in ethics and the need for ethics in our modern society. This core component of Philosophy is increasingly important, helping us responsibly manage our technological and scientific know-how.

CBU’s Philosophy program develops meaningful skills in researching, observation, interviewing, critical thinking, and cross-cultural understanding. There’s a growing need for deep thinking, to see beyond the mechanics of day-to-day business. We need those who ask “Should we do this?” not just “How do we do this?” As more employers are discovering, a rational mind is always a valuable find.

Why Study Philosophy At CBU?

  • Once considered an academic pursuit of little practical value, philosophy is becoming an increasingly popular choice of major among university students due to:
    • University’s efforts to integrate philosophy with other disciplines, allowing students to double-major in philosophy and something like economics or political science
    • Building programs around student’s interest of acquiring practical skills in addition to enlightenment
    • Philosophy professors have changed how they teach, grounding their lessons in real-world issues to make the curriculum more accessible and modern
    • Adapting to students’ interest of exploring major societal issues, such as how globalization or technology is affecting the world
  • Like the study of Philosophy, careers in Philosophy are also adapting with the times. Employers are looking to hire newly minted philosophers in areas like property development, social work, and advertising and marketing.
  • The training, skills, and traits acquired in the Philosophy program are transferable in the modern, ever-changing workplace:
    • Quick learning, clear writing, and public speaking
    • Critical thinking and logical analysis
    • Open-mindedness and ability to consider diverse points of view
  • Philosophy courses are designed to arm students with the skills needed to negotiate complex, important situations. It’s no wonder that some of Canada’s top journalists, lawyers, writers, politicians and business leaders have a background in philosophy.
  • Answers doctors need can’t be found in an anatomy text (i.e. when to remove a patient from life support). Scientists and engineers are changing our world, but we need ethicists to ensure those changes advance rather than damage human civilization.

Possible Career Paths

  • Public Administration
  • Law
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Education
  • Management
  • Print & Broadcast Media
  • Policy Analysis

Talk to your Academic Advisor about how to pair Philosophy with a post-graduate program for the career you want.

Download the  CBU Viewbook  CBU isn’t just a place where students go. It’s a place where they Happen, and  then keep on Happening wherever they go. Find Out How
Download the  CBU Viewbook  CBU isn’t just a place where students go. It’s a place where they Happen, and  then keep on Happening wherever they go. Find Out How