Strategic Leadership Option

Leadership techniques for advancing organizations and communities; challenges in making changes in an existing organization and understanding the dynamics with various leadership theories and styles.

MBAC6219   Social Dynamics of Leadership
MBAC6233   Contemporary Issues: Change Management and Governance

First Nations Option

Delves into community economic development issues facing Indigenous communities across the country. For Aboriginal and non-aboriginal learners.

MBAC6209   Land Claims, Self-Government and CED
MBAC6211   The Dynamics of Community Economic Development in First Nations

International Business Option

Advanced content and strategies needed to grow the global organization; builds on modules in the core International Business course.

MBAC6228    International Marketing
MBAC6226    International Finance

Peace-Building, Reconstruction and Good-Governance Option

These courses are designed to facilitate a comprehensive understanding of the role of CED in dealing with local and national emergencies and the role of CED in conflict prevention, conflict resolution and post-conflict restoration activities.

MBAC6215   Emergency Management
MBAC6217   Conflict Resolution and Community Reconstruction

Two more innovative specializations were recently launched.

Public Policy

MBAC 6221  Public Policy
MBAC 6223  Government, Business and Third Sector Relations


MBAC 6227   Environment, Energy, and the Economy: strategies for sustainable futures
MBAC 6229   Sustainability Marketing

Marketing (2 courses)

MBAC 6206 Tourism Managment & Planning
MBAC 6205 Cultural Tourism Marketing
MBAC 6228 International Marketing
MBAC 6229 Sustainability Marketing
MBAC 6231 Marketing Strategy


MBAC 6205 Cultural Tourism Marketing
MBAC 6206 Tourism Management & Planning