A national program delivered on-site in six cities, with face-to-face classes.

Now offered in Sydney, Toronto,  Kingston, Saskatoon, Edmonton, and Whitehorse

CBU’s MBA in Community Economic Development program is delivered in 6 locations, in quality face-to-face classes, with acclaimed faculty from across Canada.

Whether you are a working professional or a recent graduate,  there is a part-time or full-time offering with the right schedule for you. CBU’s MBA in CED is a flexible option regardless of your location. You can earn your MBA over two years if you take classes on alternate weekends at one of the listed locations,  or over 26 months if you spend three July residencies on campus in ,  or over one year if you attend full time:

  • Sydney: Part-time short-residency format  (Three  July residencies, 26 months); Full-time  (12 months – Sep, Jan, July starts)
  • Toronto: Part-time, alternate weekend format,  next start Sep 2017 (24 months)
  • Kingston: Part-time, alternate weekend format,  next start Jan 2018 (26 months)
  • Saskatoon: Part-time, alternate weekend format, next start  Jan 2018 (26 months)
  • Calgary: next start January 2018
  • Edmonton: Part-time, alternate weekend format , next start Sep 2017 (24 months)
  • Whitehorse: Part-time, alternate weekend format, next start Sep 201  (24 months)