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Now offered in Sydney, Toronto,  Kingston, Saskatoon, Edmonton, and Whitehorse

It is a program for the new world of work, tailored around your work schedule.

Our MBA in CED is offered on our Sydney, Nova Scotia campus, on full-time and part-time basis. It is also offered in other Canadian cities on a part-time basis. Learners can complete the program in:

  • 26 months for the July residential part-time program offered on Sydney NS campus
  • 24 months for the weekend-format off campus program offered in Toronto, Kingston, Edmonton, Saskatoon, and Whitehorse
  • 12 months for the full-time program offered on Sydney, NS campus

Work-friendly scheduling:  Our program is structured for working adults and is tailored around typical work schedules. CBU’s short residency program takes place at our Sydney campus each July. Learners can complete the program by attending classes over three July residencies (26 months).

All our MBA in CED core courses are also offered on alternate weekends in Edmonton and Saskatoon.* By attending regular classes on alternate weekends in their own communities, learners can complete their MBA in CED over 24 months while they are working. Students living near our Sydney, N.S. campus can take courses in the evenings, on weekends or during the day in fall, winter or July terms.  Students who wish to accelerate program completion can mix formats and take courses on weekends in their city and in July in Sydney.

*Others cities may soon be added. Check here often for more details.

Convenient Format: Our off-campus program delivery is cohort based – students taking courses in sequence together and so, learning from each other. Usually, students enroll in three courses in the fall semester and four in the Winter/Spring semester. All our courses are supported by web-based material repositories and CBU’s online library holdings and electronic subscriptions. Professors are available for face-to-face meetings, by phone and email.

“The students in all three cohorts that I have had the pleasure to meet, are uniquely qualified in that they have a passion for the nonprofit/service sector.  Regardless of their careers as social entrepreneurs, educators, health care workers, consultants or community leaders each has a commitment to increasing the social capital of this sector.  As you know, most of my time is spent teaching in various MBA programs to a variety of different student cohorts. It is a distinct honor to be asked to work with your program and the dedicated students that I have been able to meet so far.

Thanks again for asking me to be a part of this unique to Canada program and I wish you continued success in the future.”

Dr. Derek Hassay
Assistant Professor
Haskayne School of Business
University of Calgary

Download the  CBU Viewbook  CBU isn’t just a place where students go. It’s a place where they Happen, and  then keep on Happening wherever they go. Find Out How
This is where you'll Happen.  Apply Now
Download the  CBU Viewbook  CBU isn’t just a place where students go. It’s a place where they Happen, and  then keep on Happening wherever they go. Find Out How