The Calculus Readiness Test is designed to test each student’s current ability in pre-calculus mathematics and takes place in a computer lab; but all questions must be answered without the aid of a calculator.  University calculus is mandatory for engineering transfer students and most students taking a B.Sc.

CBU offers two courses in Mathematical Calculus: Math 1105 is suitable for those students who have a lot of experience with Mathematics whereas Math 1101 introduces students to the ideas of calculus more slowly but, by the end of the first year, all students in both streams can be ready for their second year of university mathematics.

In order to write this test, you SHOULD register for it.  If you have received final acceptance to CBU, you should be able to register for the CRT online just as you would for any other course.

IMPORTANT: There is no fee to register for this test. However, the online registration will take you to a payment screen – just hit the continue button without entering any payment amount.

Online Access Login Information:

Click Account and enter your Student Id and PIN (If this is your first time accessing this system you must register for a PIN)

To Register for the Test

Add Courses
Academic Year: Enter current year
Academic Session: Session of your choice
Course No: Math9000
Section No: Please refer to the CBU Academic Timetable to select a Math9000 section of your choice.

Please register for a section as soon as possible, as there is limited space in each section.

CRT Exemptions:

  1. Students who complete an IB course in mathematics with a minimum score of 5.
  2. Students who have scored 80% or more in a grade 12 calculus or pre-calculus mathematics course.
  3. Successful completion of Math 0101
  4. Successful completion of Math 1101
  5. Math 1107 AND Math 1208
    If you have successfully completed Math 1107, you will be permitted to register in MATH1101.  If you have successfully completed Math 1107 AND Math 1208, you will be permitted to register in MATH1105.

Please Note:

  1. Registration in MATH1101 or MATH1105 is limited to those with satisfactory results in the CRT.
  2. The Calculus Readiness Test consists of 31 multiple-choice questions on the subjects of Algebra, Functions, Geometry and Trigonometry.  A score of 19 or more qualifies you for MATH1105, between 12 and 18 you can do MATH1101 and between 0 and 11 you can do either MATH0101 or MATH1107.
  3. One rewrite is allowed if you narrowly missed a cut-off point in the test:
    If you scored 17 or 18 and score 19 or more on the rewrite you will be allowed into MATH1105.
    If you scored 10 or 11 and score 12 or more on the rewrite you will be allowed into MATH1101.
  4. You must register for the rewrite by contacting Peggy Wright at or 563-1428.
  5. You must register at least 24 hours in advance of the sitting you wish to attend.

If you have any further questions, please contact:

Dr. James Preen, Chair of the Department of Mathematics
Phone: 563-1181
Peggy Wright
Phone: 563-1428


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