This program is offered online and is only available to students who have a relevant degree or diploma prior to applying. This program is available in a one year “Advanced Standing” format. Please contact Enrolment Services on information on enrolling.

One year post-diploma format

For Diploma graduates of CBU, or of institutions that have an articulation agreement with CBU, completion of Year Three is required.

Transfer Credit:

CBU has an agreement with many colleges, which results in transfer credit being given to specified Engineering Technology Diploma graduates. Prospective students are encouraged to contact their college for information on the agreement with CBU or contact CBU directly. Where no agreement exists, individual consideration will be given to possible transfer credits. In any case, however, residency requirements must still be met.


Selection of all electives must be done through consultation with a faculty advisor from the program. Please get in touch with an Admissions Advisor to discuss this process.

This is where you'll Happen.  Apply Now
This is where you'll Happen.  Apply Now