Program Structure

CBU offers four-year Honours, Major, Double Major and Area Major in History within the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Arts Community Studies degree programs. You can also earn a three-year academic concentration in History. History courses may be used as a minor or electives.

The Department of History and Culture offers a wide range of courses and learning experiences in History at all levels of study — from broad introductory surveys to student internships to intensive upper-level seminars.

Internships offer practical, hands-on skills in the heritage field for students during their undergrad. Third or fourth-year student majoring in History, Folklore, Music or Gaelic are eligible to apply.

Students can incorporate the study of History into their undergraduate degree in several ways – as a major, minor, or concentration, or as electives.  An intensive Honours Program in History is also offered. However you decide to include History in your undergraduate degree, it is important to familiarize yourself with two sets of guidelines. They spell out which courses you must take, and in what order, to satisfy your degree requirements.

  • The first set of guidelines provide the overall framework for BA and BACS degrees. It is available in the CBU Academic Calendar.
  • The second set of requirements is related directly to the History program itself; please contact the department for a more specific set of guidelines.

Please find History’s Department Regulations under Bachelor of Arts under The School of Social Sciences in CBU’s Academic Calendar for specific program requirements.

This is where you'll Happen.  Apply Now
This is where you'll Happen.  Apply Now