FOLK2407: Food & Culture

Course resources for winter 2017 will be placed here. This page will be updated weekly, please check back regularly.

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Week One

(Jan 4, 2017)

Introductory class:

Week Two

(Jan 11, 2017)

Please review the following resources prior to our next class:

Marcel Proust. “The Cookie [The Madeleine].” The Remembrance of Things Past.
– available as both text and audio via YouTube.  The translations vary slightly, and the latter has an additional few paragraphs at the beginning.

Week Three

(Jan 18, 2017)

“Foodways with Diane Tye.” The Living Heritage Podcast episode 47.

Week Four

(Jan 25, 2017)

Recipes from Grandma’s Kitchen: Volume 2 by Prairie Public Television.,343

Week Five

(Feb 1, 2017)

 “Sifting through LAC’s Cookbook Collection.” Discover Library and Archives Canada Podcast episode 31.

Week Six

(Feb 8, 2017)

Jason Cohen. 2014. How I (Finally) Learned to (Stop Whining and) (sort of) Tolerate (Cincy’s Infamous) Chili. Cincinnati Magazine, 17 June.

Week Seven

(Feb 15, 2017)

Carolina Hash by Stan Woodward.,215

(Feb 22, 2017)

Reading Week (no class)

Week Eight

Peggy Lowe. 2015. Green Bean Casserole: The Thanksgiving Staple We Love—Or Loathe. All Things Considered. National Public Radio, 24 Nov.

 “Jell-O Makes the Modern (Mountain) Woman.” Gravy episode 34. 

Week Nine  (March 8)

Nova Scotia Tourism Agency. 2014. Capitalize on Culinary Experiences! Presentation given at the 2014 Tourism Industry Association of Nova Scotia conference

“South by South of the Border Soul Food.” Gravy episode 26.

Week Ten (March 15)

UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage Section. 2010. Traditional Mexican cuisine – ancestral, ongoing community culture, the Michoacán paradigm.

Week Eleven (March 22)

So You Wanna Be a Chef
— by Bourdain

Week Twelve (March 29)

UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage Section. 2010. Gastronomic meal of the French.