This program is available in a three year format and consisting of 105 credits.Year three is available entirely via distance education format.

Advanced Standing Post Diploma Format (36 Credits)

Students who have a qualifying Diploma are required to complete 36 credits of specified courses. Students should consult the Engineering Department for detailed course advising.

Advanced Standing Post Degree Format (42 Credits)

Students who have a qualifying Bachelor’s Degree are required to complete the following course loading. Students must take all 12 courses (36 credits). Alternate credits will be required for students who may have completed any of the required credits as part of their previous Bachelor degree.

High School Graduates: Five grade 12 advanced or academic courses including English and Mathematics, and two other sciences (Physics is recommended); with an overall average of at least 65%.

Diploma/Degree Graduates: Applicants with appropriately accredited community college diplomas, a university science degree in environmental science or in a closely related program may be considered for admission. As well, CBU has articulation agreements with many colleges across Canada which provide for immediate advanced standing in the BET (Environmental Studies) program for graduates of eligible technology diplomas from these institutions who may then complete the program via distance format.

Partially completed diploma/degree: Admission considerations and transfer credit assessments are available on an individual basis in consultation with Enrolment Services .

Transfer Credit: CBU has an agreement with many colleges, which means specified Engineering Technology Diploma graduates may complete the BET Degree program in as few as 36 credits. Prospective students are encouraged to contact their college for information on the agreement with CBU or refer to CBU’s Transfer Agreement page for more information. Where no agreement exists, individual consideration will be given to possible transfer credits. In any case, however, residency requirements must still be met.

Please refer to the Academic Calendar for specific program requirements under BET (Environmental Studies) under Bachelor of Engineering Technology under School of Science and Technology.

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This is where you'll Happen.  Apply Now