Dr. Adango Miadonye is a professor of chemistry and chemical engineering and chair of the Department of Chemistry at CBU. He obtained his PhD from Loughborough University, England, and did his postdoctoral research at Lakehead University, Ontario. With over 80 publications, several book chapters and numerous conference papers, he is well published and is the Program Chairperson and a member of the Board of Trustees (Atlantic Canada) for the Society of Petroleum Engineers. Adango has been with CBU for more than 15 years.

Currently, Adango has partnered with Innovation 121 Inc. to conduct some very interesting research. “The natural deposits of oil sands in Canada are currently estimated to contain over 168 billion barrels of oil,” says Adango. “My research group investigates rheology and transport property of reservoir fluids, heavy oil and bitumen, providing knowledge to improve production, enhanced oil recovery, upgrading, refining and transportation of one of Canada’s richest resources.”

Adango’s collaboration with Innovation 121 Inc. will help develop a new, cleaner oil sands technology, an engineered micro-bubbles process that facilitates oil separation from the sand grains. The new technology will mitigate several environmental issues associated with current technologies and also improve the bitumen recovery rate to over 60 per cent. The successful outcome of this project promises millions of dollars in cost savings for one of Canada’s largest industries.

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