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The 4-year Major in Biology Degree is our most heavily subscribed degree option.  It provides a strong foundation in Biology for those students wanting to move on from a B.Sc. to professional programs such as Medical School, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, etc., and can be tailored to ensure that students meet all the course requirements for those programs.  Research experience can be obtained during this degree through summer research opportunities with Professors when available.  For students wanting to go onto graduate school in Biology or to have the experience of independent research, we recommend the 4-year Honours in Biology Degree.

_DSC18304-year Honours in Biology Degree

The 4-year Honours in Biology Degree option requires 6 credits of BIOL 4900 (Honours Thesis) in fourth year.  The credit requirements for this degree are 120 credits – the same as for the 4-year Major in Biology Degree.  BIOL 4900 provides students with the unique ability to undertake independent and original research as an undergraduate while working closely with a research supervisor and under the guidance of a three-person research committee.  Most students who are aiming to go to graduate school enroll in the honours program in their final year.  Other students who are interested in learning more about research, or feel that it may increase their potential to get into competitive professional programs, also opt for the Honours program.

CBU August-1574-year Double Major Degree in Biology and another Science Discipline

The 4-year Double Major Degree provides student with the option to specialize in two areas of study, a primary area (54 required credits) and a secondary area (36 required credits).  This option caters to the needs of students who want to combine their biological training with a strong background in another discipline such as chemistry, math or psychology.


Kayla Art 23-year General Biology Degree

Every year a few students opt to graduate with a 3-year General Biology Degree.  This degree is more limited in application to downstream career pathways, but can be used by those students who have been granted early acceptance into a professional program (e.g. Dentistry, Pharmacy) before completing their 4-year B.Sc. degree and who have obtained the credits for a 3-year degree.  Likewise, the 3-year degree can be a stepping stone to degree options in the Bachelor of Engineering or Engineering Technology programs.  For instance, a three-year B.Sc. degree in Biology can be combined with any option in the Engineering program, enabling the student to earn two degrees (B.Sc. and B.Eng.) in five years of study, three at CBU and two at Dalhousie.

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