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Name Research Interests
Andrea, Belinda– Nurse Practice Educator Medical/Surgical/Critical Care (ICU) and Emergency Nursing
Bailey, Judy,  –  Associate Professor Virtual Learning, Nursing Student Attrition, IPODS for evidenced-based practice and client education and Sustainable Happiness for Health Promotion and Well Being.
Balcom, Sarah – Assistant  Professor
Brennick, Debbie – Assistant Professor Critical care nursing; ICU; Emergency; Medical/Surgical related to drug abuse, and risk/protective factors of youth related to drug abuse.
Cantwell, Debbie – Nurse Practice Educator Obstetrical, Community and  Long Term Care Nursing; Simulation
Griscti, Odette – Associate Professor Feminist post-structural studies, Foucauldian Research and Nurse: Patient Power Relationships.
Jamieson, Barb – Assistant Professor Use of technology in Nursing Education; nursing practice environments, as well as substance abuse, and Adult Medical/Surgical.
Kennedy, Evelyn  – Associate Professor, Scale development and psychometric testing in relation to self-efficacy for competent nursing practice, nursing education and attrition from nursing education and practice.
Kennedy, Karen -Nurse Practice Educator Forensic nursing, sexual assault and adolescent sexual assault.
Lake, Kim – Nurse Practice Educator Mental health, mental illness, long term care and complementary medical therapy.
Macdonald, Angela -Nurse Practice Educator Surgical and Clinical Nursing; Simulation.
McIsaac, Corrine – Associate Professor E-health innovation, e-health technology applications that lead to improved patient and system outcomes, wound and skin care technologies, surgical site infection surveillance technologies.
MacMullen, Jill – Nurse Practice Educator. Pediatric Chronic Illness, Phenomenology, photo-elicitation as a research method with children and adolescents and Nursing Education.
MacPhee, Cyndee – Associate Professor Breastfeeding Practices, BFI Implementation, The impact of addictions as related to neonates, youth and young mothers
Nemeth, Willena – BScN Program Director;  Assistant Professor Mentoring Supervising and Education of Nursing Professionals.
O’Neill, Patricia – Nurse Practice Educator Adolescent/Adult Mental Health and Public Health.
Profit, Sheila – Associate Professor Resiliency, Health Promotion, International Health, Community Health and Mental Health.
Roy, Lilla – Assistant Professor (Term) Epidemiology, measurement of health-related quality of life and patient’s preferences, health economics, health technology assessment
Taylor, Claudette – Associate Professor, Palliative Care, Critical Care (ICU, CCU, Emergency) and Oncology.
Walsh, Audrey – Associate Professor, Community Health, Childhood Overweight and Obesity, Food Choices, Childhood Growth & Development, Adolescent Health and Aboriginal Health.
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