Our mission is to prepare nursing students to achieve excellence in the provision of safe, competent, compassionate and ethical care. We are committed to fostering a learner-centered environment that instills values of critical inquiry, reflective practice and life-long learning. We will develop, advance, and disseminate nursing knowledge, while working proactively to advocate for and work toward eliminating social inequities.


The Nursing Program aspires toward excellence in nursing education, practice and scholarship. Our graduates will be prepared to meet the challenges of advancing health for all in the 21st century.


Students: We value that our students become critical thinkers who are culturally sensitive and globally aware.

Health: We value health as a resource for living and recognize the importance of the determinants of health and the principles of primary health care.

Nursing: We value the influence of the Baccalaureate preparation for professional nursing practice on health outcomes.

Environment: We value an academic environment that honours professional conduct, academic freedom, collaboration and integrity while respecting the diversity and unique contribution of all individuals.

Scholarship: We value advancement in nursing knowledge to improve nursing education, nursing practice and health outcomes.

Collaboration: We value working collaboratively with our partners toward building a healthier Cape Breton.