The Department of Nursing at CBU believes that nursing is a rich blend of art and science that focuses on promoting optimum health and providing safe, ethical, compassionate care across the lifespan to individuals, families, communities and populations. Nursing has a unique body of knowledge and evidence based on theories, research, evaluation and experiential learning from nursing, health sciences, social sciences and liberal arts. Nursing is a practice discipline directed towards health promotion, illness and injury prevention, health maintenance, health restoration and the facilitation of a dignified and peaceful death.

Professional education focuses on the development of the person to be a critically reflective practitioner. Through the integration of theory and practice an environment is fostered that stimulates curiosity, self-direction, accountability, social responsibility and a commitment to lifelong learning.

Our philosophy is therefore based on assumptions about the nature of nursing and the nature of a professional education. It builds on the program’s vision, mission and values through the development of the core concepts for the nursing curriculum. The nursing curriculum is an intentional blending of courses from many disciplines. It integrates theory and practice to facilitate self growth, critical inquiry, and commitment to lifelong learning. Teachers and learners are engaged in the continuous development of professional competencies in a complementary process that recognizes the strengths of both.

The philosophy also provides the foundation for the program’s academic plan and strategic priorities.