The CBU Nursing Program option is designed to accomplish the following 12  goals:

  1. To prepare professional nurses to engage in health promotion, prevention, curative, supportive and rehabilitative care, including palliation (across the life span) in a variety of settings.
  2. To promote and implement the philosophy of primary health care.
  3. To develop skill in ethical, moral, and legal decision-making with respect to health and health care delivery.
  4. To promote accountability, responsibility, and self-regulation.
  5. To implement nursing practice models reflective of various nursing theories.
  6. To actualize the values of social justice and equity.
  7. To foster research mindedness and research utilization.
  8. To promote the development and integration of evidence-informed knowledge.
  9. To promote multisectoral and transdisciplinary collaborative participation in health care delivery and research.
  10. To promote facilitative and deliberate interaction and enactment of the advocacy role.
  11. To develop leadership capacity.
  12. To nurture personal and professional development.