Indigenous and Intercultural diversity in Nursing Education




The Atlantic Region -Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing ( ARCASN) will be hosting its annual  2018 Conference at Cape Breton University this year.  This conference is a unique opportunity for educators, researchers and students to present and discuss indigenous and intercultural research or teaching initiatives. A special highlight of this conference is a half-day workshop entitled:  Finding the Middle Ground in Nursing Education

Participants in the workshop will participate in a modified talking circle. A talking circle is the traditional way Mi’kmaq and other First Nations in Canada come together to solve problems. According to sources from Mi’kmaw Spirit:

“It is a very effective way to remove barriers and to allow people to express themselves with complete freedom. For this reason, it is becoming more and more popular in mainstream society. The talking circle is making its appearance in schools, corporate boardrooms and team dressing rooms around the world, for the simple reason that the technique works very well. The symbolism of the circle, with no beginning and with nobody in a position of prominence, serves to encourage people to speak freely and honestly about things that are on their minds.”

Lead by Stephen a traditional knowledge keeper and supported by Kathy, a setter ally, the issue to be discussed will be the search for respectful culturally relevant teaching approaches in nursing education. Through traditional talking circles usually, do not have a fixed end time, and include all members in one circle, the format for the workshop will be modified to allow all participants to speak and learn in smaller circles, as well as to take notes for their own future use.

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