Internship Experience

While earning your BHTM degree at Cape Breton University, you will also be preparing yourself through industry internships to begin a career in the exciting and fun filled fields of travel, tourism and hospitality management. The BHTM program will assist you in developing the people skills, creativity and critical thinking required for the management, marketing and operations positions in this expanding market.

The program includes two compulsory, four-month paid industry internships, in the first and second years of study. Internships must meet suitable industry internship criteria. An internship coordinator (faculty member) will arrange recruitment presentations and provide students with the opportunity to be interviewed on campus by national, provincial and regional establishments for internship placement. Students are also encouraged to seek internship opportunities on their own. All internship placements are subject to approval by the internship coordinator.

Special Events Component

Each year, BHTM students are required to host a special event as part of their Event Management course. The Event Management course is designed to provide students with an applied working knowledge of the multifaceted functions associated with operation of restaurant and banquet facilities.

Since 2005, students have been hosting a Cultural Evening of Food and Wine. The event features wine and hors d’oeuvres from six different countries enabling the students to showcase what they have learned to an appreciative audience.

Each term, BHTM students host hospitality restaurants or special seasonal buffets for the university community providing more hands on experience for the students required to operate and manage businesses in the tourism industry.

Graduates of this specialist degree are specifically skilled to fill the growing demand worldwide for management positions in the hospitality and tourism industry. The Bachelor of Hospitality Tourism Management program integrates the strengths of a business education with the theories of tourism development and hospitality management to give the graduate an understanding of the key areas of the industry.

2017 CBU BHTM Internship Employer-Student Experience from Cape Breton University on Vimeo.

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