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Cape Breton University’s BEd program is the first pre-service teacher education program in Nova Scotia to have a core focus on Education for Sustainability (EfS). This core focus on EfS signifies an important learning and professional opportunity for pre-service teachers and makes CBU programs unique in Nova Scotia and in Canada.
bed-sustainability-1Students enrolled in the BEd program at CBU are challenged to consider issues directly related to sustainability across core, methodology and elective courses. Each student will complete the new course, EDUC 4114: Teaching and Learning for a Sustainable Future, and learn to build practical teaching strategies to implement a holistic approach to learning.

“This type of course prepares future educators to facilitate the kind of learning that fosters social and ecological wellbeing in our communities,” says Emily Root, course instructor and PhD candidate in Sustainability and Outdoor Education. “Sustainability education needs to be a key component of all teacher education programs.”

“The course provides us with opportunities to interact with the environment,” says BEd student Tim Morrissey. “Having a repertoire of both indoor and outdoor activities will no doubt prove useful in teaching practice, especially since many kids seem disconnected from nature these days.”

The Council of Ministers of Education Canada has committed to incorporating sustainable development themes into K-12 education. Education ministries across Canada have committed to the provision of pre-service and in-service teacher education that supports sustainability education concepts and practices.

Education is often described as the great hope for creating a more sustainable future; teacher-education institutions serve as key change agents in transforming education and society. CBU is leading the way in such transformative efforts, delivering quality teacher education and preparing educators for the classrooms of tomorrow.

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