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Leaders in Education

In only 16 months, CBU’s Bachelor of Education (BEd) degree equips students with the skills and experience to become influential educators. In either the Elementary or Secondary stream, students learn, and have the opportunity to apply relevant theory and teaching methods for today’s classrooms. This fast-track BEd program that begins in May of each year is designed for students to gain the independence and confidence to develop individual teaching philosophies, which they can then bring to their future classroom.

Students get hands-on teaching experience through a four-month Teaching Practicum, in an Elementary or Secondary School. They also have additional opportunities during their degree to accumulate a diverse teaching portfolio, setting them apart from graduates of other programs.   

Why Education at CBU?

  • CBU’s BEd is the only Nova Scotian program offering an Education for Sustainability (EfS) focus. Each course integrates sustainability but specific courses are offered on the subject, including Teaching and Learning for a Sustainable Future and Sustainable Happiness
  • As a smaller university, BEd students get individual attention through small classes taught by dedicated faculty. Many BEd grads get the chance to work one-on-one with faculty on research projects, giving them a unique perspective and a competitive advantage when entering the workforce.
  • Designed in collaboration with Unama’ki College with a focus on sustainability, the Aboriginal/Indigenous Concentration makes CBU’s BEd program one of a kind in Nova Scotia.
  • A BEd degree provides students with skills and knowledge highly valued in many different fields, not just teaching, including time management, problem solving, cooperative learning strategies, curriculum development, leadership initiative, group management, and planning and evaluation, plus many more.
  • Becoming a classroom teacher is not the only career path available to BEd graduates. The degree opens the door to many professional opportunities. 

Areas of Study

The 16-month Bachelor of Education Program at CBU, offers two main Education streams:

  • Elementary, or
  • Intermediate/Secondary. 

Students accepted to the Elementary Education stream, who have a concentration (30 credits) in French, Drama or Visual Arts, can complete the necessary coursework to be eligible to apply for licensing to teach in either area.

Upon graduation students will be eligible to apply for Teaching Certification in Nova Scotia and any other jurisdiction of choice.

Bachelor of Education students also have the option to complete an Aboriginal/Indigenous Education Concentration through four specialty courses. With this option, students of all backgrounds get the opportunity to explore the theory and practice of Aboriginal/Indigenous education, language and culture. This concentration provides CBU grads with a unique perspective on education and another competitive advantage in an increasingly competitive workforce.

Just beginning an undergraduate degree?

New Pathway Programs, in partnership with the Schools of Science and Technology and the School of Arts and Social Sciences will guide you through the optimal route for obtaining your degree and the best course choices in your desired subject areas for the Bachelor of Education. See the Resources tab to the right for more information on these pathways.

For program requirements, and degree features , click on the tabs to the right.

The 2019 BEd Application Kit is found here.


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5 reasons why you should  earn your BEd at CBU Download Now
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