Transfer upon Graduation from Business diploma program

Students who have completed a Business diploma program at an accredited post-secondary institution may qualify for advanced standing and course transfer credits toward the BBA degree.

Co-operative Education

This program provides a dynamic learning environment by combining academic studies with hands-on work experience. Students who have completed 60 credits towards a BBA with a 70 average can enroll in the program and complete two paid co-op work placements that can take place in January, May or September.  Students are encouraged to apply to the program in their first or second year. Learn more about CBU’s Co-op Program.

Bachelor of Arts Community Studies / Bachelor of Business Administration

Cape Breton University offers students an opportunity to obtain both their BACS and BBA degrees in four years. At the end of three successful years, students will receive a Bachelor of Arts Community Studies degree with a career concentration in Business. After the fourth successful year, the student will receive the Bachelor of Business Administration.

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This is where you'll Happen.  Apply Now