Indigenous Focus

BASE has incorporated a significant Indigenous focus into the program’s Five Guiding Principles for ENVS courses included in the degree. All ENVS courses will:

  1. Emphasize Indigenous perspectives in every course;
  2. Focus on interdisciplinary;
  3. Spotlight cutting edge and exciting material from multiple sectors and in diverse forms;
  4. Concentrate on research methods and research ethics; and
  5. Emphasize writing and communication.

These principles apply to all the courses in the ENVS core of the degree, including the Capstone and Honours courses. Students choose their other courses from multiple departments at CBU according to the degree structure.

Faculty-student Approach

Faculty and students from all Schools have come together to add their voice and perspective to this degree. The BASE grew out of the natural desire for greater alliances and partnerships amongst faculty and students working across campus in the areas of environmental research and action. Students in the BASE will no doubt take advantage of CBU’s long history of involving undergraduate students in faculty research projects. We believe that students have a unique voice and perspective, and we want to give each and every one of our students the opportunity to shine and make a positive contribution towards a more sustainable future.

Field Courses

All students will participate in a field course during their program. This field course will be focused on hands-on, interactive learning outside of the classroom and take place in various locations on Cape Breton Island, or further afield. Field course themes could range from ecology research in the Bras D’Or Lakes, tourism development in the Highlands, archeology at historic sites, community-driven environmental themes, and more.

Honours Thesis

Working closely with a supervisor, students will complete an Honours thesis project in either science or arts, with an emphasis on interdisciplinary methods, interpretations or project design. The emphasis of an Honours thesis project is independent, original research by the student.

You will be able to design your own project aligned with your interests and goals in consultation with potential supervisors, or contribute towards large faculty research programs.

Major Project

The Capstone project is a faculty-supported major project that is completed in small groups. Students can create their own groups for this Capstone project, and will decide on their research projects.

Groups can choose to take on any topic they are passionate about, from recycling, to health promotion, to forest restoration, to local organic farming, and more. The final projects will be interdisciplinary, creative, and engaging;  the only limit is your imagination.

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This is where you'll Happen.  Apply Now